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Education Article :: Eggscellence in Customer Service

Written by Ryan Duggan, Eggspectation and Joey Murray NCSA with Nivi Nagiel, NCSA

Nestled in the bustling but quiet suburb of Silver Spring, Maryland, Eggspectation is just a short twenty-minute drive from Downtown Washington, DC. We spoke with Ryan Duggan, General Manager of the Silver Spring restaurant, to learn how excellent customer service translates into an “eggstraordinary” dining experience.

Eggspectation is a franchise-owned restaurant that started in Canada, with locations in Montreal and Toronto. About ten years ago, Eggspectation expanded to the United States. Today, it has five restaurants in the Washington, DC area: two in Maryland, and three in Virginia.

Duggan has spent his entire professional life in the restaurant business having started at a young age waiting tables, he slowly worked his way up. The Manager who originally hired him at Eggspectation in Canada moved to the United States to oversee the startup in DC. Duggan followed and has now been with Eggspectation for nine years. For the last six of those, Duggan has served as General Manager of the Silver Spring restaurant.

The business culture at Eggspectation centers on teamwork, which, according to Duggan, is indispensable to success. Every year, each employee of the restaurant gets a “one-on-one” with Managers to voice opinions and suggestions and offer feedback. This type of teamwork-based culture built on trust and support is vital to the business, as it promotes the success of not only the restaurant, but of every individual in its employ as well.

Eggspectation’s business philosophy toward customer service is simple: welcome everybody, every day, with a smile. A friendly welcome, coupled with a clean and inviting restaurant consistently striving for quality and teamwork, assures that the experience delivered to the customer is exceptional and likely to result in continued patronage.

In addition to the annual one-on-one, the leadership of each restaurant is in constant communication with its employees. The purpose is to bring everybody to the “same page,” ensuring that every server, every staff member, every chef, and every Manager is aware of what is going on in the restaurant; from daily specials, to new menu items, and interpersonal employee communications such as new policies and procedures.

Eggspectation rewards employees who excel in customer service with an Employee of the Month recognition program. Every month, one employee is honored as a "scrambler" and earns a prize. The prize includes either a gift card or a free lunch, as well as added opportunities, such as serving in a better section of the restaurant. As further incentive, each employee wears an egg pin, and with every instance of positive customer feedback, is awarded a silver star. After five silver stars, they receive a gold pin, worn as a proud sign of superior service.

As a result of the well-executed “teamwork” philosophy, backed by service with a smile and a strong employee recognition program, customers are not only guaranteed to enjoy their experience at Eggspectation, but are most likely to revisit. The atmosphere that Duggan and his team have built is something you don’t get every day, and competing with about seventy different restaurants within a five-mile radius, you really have to be on your "A-game."


Ryan Duggan is the General Manager of Eggspectation, Silver Spring, MD
Joey Murray is an NCSA Customer Service Team Member and Nivi Nagiel is an NCSA Editor