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:: Do you remember me?

I recently purchased a “new-to-me” used vehicle from a local dealership and decided to go with an extended warranty, which includes the benefit of free oil changes.  This morning I took my car in for the first oil change and had a mixed experience. On one hand, they were great about getting me in as soon as possible. The service took only as long as the time estimate I was given when I booked the appointment and the staff was friendly. On the other hand, I was initially handed a bill because they hadn’t checked to see if I had a warranty or not. They also didn’t explain in advance that, due to the cold weather, they generally didn’t perform the standard, included car wash.  I was eager to be on my way, so I didn’t complain. I did telephone later to ask about the car wash, though. What bothered me was that they didn’t even clean the windshield and windows. I felt that the service was average and acceptable, but I certainly didn’t feel as valued as I had when I signed the purchase agreement.

Customer Service Opportunity: This customer interaction started out great with a good first impression but got off-track at another key moment, the closing.  Leaving a customer who put both a financial investment and her trust in the dealership’s service by purchasing an extended warranty with mixed feelings on her first service visit is not the way to build loyalty—or gain word-of-mouth referrals.  Even if the customer is happy with her vehicle and is loyal to the brand, she could easily visit another dealership next time she shops for a car.  The moral of this story: If you truly value your customers, it won’t produce the proper results unless you make sure that they feel valued after every interaction.

– Author Unknown

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