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Our adult daughter has Down syndrome and is a frequent rider on our local bus transit system. She prides herself in knowing “her drivers” and they enjoy serving her as evidenced by a recent trip where our daughter was unwilling to go out in the pouring rain to catch her “special” bus home from a school event. Of course, the driver did not know why she wasn’t there to catch her ride home and so waited for a while, finally leaving the location without her. Fortunately, our daughter got a ride home with her instructor so all ended well but the bus driver called our home to let us know that he did not have our daughter on the bus, he wasn’t sure what had happened to her and he wanted to make sure she got home safely. This driver has a lot of customers he serves daily on his route and taking the time to call us to assure our daughter was safe was above and beyond the call of duty. We have had many extraordinary experiences with this public transit system and, although they are the “only game in town”, we sing their praises whenever and wherever we can. They provide exceptional customer service as if they have direct competition. What a wonderful community resource!

D. C. – Normal, Illinois

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