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Service Builder :: Make The Promises You Can Keep And Keep The Promises You Make!

We have all had the experience of making a promise or commitment to another person and then falling short on meeting it. It may be picking your kids up late, missing their game or not delivering on a work assignment. All constitute commitments/promises you made and did not fulfill. The promise could have been verbal, in writing, inferred, direct. Regardless of its format, YOU know it is a promise and YOU know you are not keeping it.

Your integrity is at stake here let alone the impact of inadequate role-modeling you are offering to your children, co-workers, direct reports, etc.

BOTTOM LINE: Think before you make a commitment or promise whether it seems minor or not. Consider realistically what time you can arrive at your child's game, tell them that (even if you are acknowledging that you will arrive after it starts) and then make it happen. When given an assignment at work, clarify when it is needed and either assure that it is completed appropriately and on time or negotiate for more time.

DON'T cause yourself even more anxiety than life already offers in general by constantly "chasing your tail" trying to keep the promises you made that were never realistic. Yes, there will there be times where we make a promise, full well intend to keep it and find that we can not—situations outside our control prevented us from keeping it. That should be the exception, however—not the rule! Learn from that experience so you don't find yourself repeating that same inability to keep a promise made.