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:: Be Careful with Whom You Do Business

We were fortunate to be able to buy a new washer and dryer recently. The big box store we got them at arranged with their contractors to bring the appliances to our home and install them. All went well with that process. A few days later, I noticed that it was taking a very long time to dry a load of laundry. I thought I just needed to get used to the new dryer and so read the instructions more closely. I didn’t think more of it although the problem continued. Later that day, I was outside watering shrubs and noticed that the outside covering for the dryer vent was lying on the ground and the dryer vent was jammed up into the wall of the house. I showed my husband and he called the big box store, who said they would get in touch with the installers to come out and correct the problem. A week passed and we hadn't heard from anyone on when that repair might happen, so my husband called back to the big box store, who told him that they were having a difficult time getting in touch with the installers but would keep trying. Eventually, he was able to get a commitment from the big box store that installers would be at our house on the following Tuesday (nearly two weeks, at that point, since installation) between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm. On that Tuesday, at 7:05 am, my husband’s phone rang and it was the installers saying they were on their way! Fortunately, we are early risers! When they arrived and assessed the issue, they said they don't do "outside work." My husband explained that that problem was created by them and that they would fix it, which they did!

Customer Service Opportunity: Businesses—assure that you know the quality of your contractors because their level of service directly translates to how the customer views your business as well. Know them, their availability, their work parameters, and how they meet customer needs. Don’t use them if they don’t meet your business's standards.

M.H. – Alabama

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