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Our granddaughter is working her way through college and has little discretionary income. She rented an apartment (on her own and was very proud of that) in a relatively safe-looking area of town. She signed a year's lease and paid her rent on time every month. On the evening of Labor Day, her next-door neighbor was involved in a shooting in his apartment, which resulted in his removal from the apartment. Regardless that the neighbor was gone, our granddaughter didn't want to live there any longer, and we didn't want her there either. She found another apartment at a reasonable rate and in a better area of town, but her current lease had two more months on it. Her landlord company would not let her out of the lease nor prorate it in any fashion, even given the reason she wanted to move so quickly. While we understand that companies must follow certain rules in order to be fair to all clients and to stay in business, extraneous circumstances should be considered when the occasion warrants. Our "blooper" is not about that, however, but rather that they would not deal with our granddaughter respectfully. When she called or emailed about options to get out of the lease, she either received no response (for weeks) or was hung up on. When she went in person, the staff would not let her talk, but would interrupt and tell her that nothing could be done due to "corporate" rules. We called the "corporate" office and it only has an answering machine—never a human to talk to—no calls returned. We ultimately negotiated down what she owed with the local office and paid it ourselves. They were amazingly respectful and willing to listen to her grandfather!

Customer Service Opportunity: Treat all of your customers as if your job depends on their satisfaction. You will get much more cooperation and reasonableness from them if they feel respected and heard. Taking advantage of people who are not yet equipped to compete financially or professionally with you disrespects you more than them.

E.G. – Ohio