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:: Sweat Bees and Customer Service

During these COVID times, we try to find something to do away from the house that still allows for social distancing. Golf fits these requirements so yesterday we went to our typical club to play. The golf carts were out waiting for us and I went over to grab one. It was COVERED in sweat bees! So I checked the others sitting out for use and it was the same—all were covered with sweat bees. I grab one and drove as quickly as I could with it thinking that I could "outrun" the bees while heading over to the car to get the clubs loaded. No such luck. The sweat bees were still with us. So I went to the window where the club staff member was working and asked if they had something we could spray to get rid of the sweat bees. He said "no" (nicely and a bit apologetically) and closed the access window (probably so that no sweat bees came in to visit him!). We got plenty of arm exercise throughout that golf round—not just swinging a club! We were constantly shooing those sweat bees away from us!

Customer Service Opportunity: As you get complaints from customers about a problem that is really not theirs but yours to solve (the cleaning solvent for the carts attracts bees), address it quickly. That's why you are the customer service provider and they are the customer! Especially in golf club choices but other businesses as well, people can and will make choices regarding where to do business and aren't willing to put up with something like swarms of sweat bees attracted to your cleaning solvent. You need to keep your customers happy so that they stay with you!

J.J. – Oklahoma


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