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NCSA CCSP Certification

CCSP® Life-Certification

CCSP - Life-Certified Customer Service Professional
Accessible to customer service professionals anywhere in the world!

We never stop growing and learning as leaders. Life Certification provides a valuable and unique opportunity to reflect your ongoing dedication to self-improvement and to the discipline of customer service.

Enjoy the honor and prestige that the Life-Certified CCSP designation bestows on you, while letting it serve as a lifelong testament that you:

  • are willing to invest in your own education and professional growth.
  • hold yourself to the standard of excellence of a true customer service professional, with both your internal and external customers.
  • are worthy of recognition by current and future employers as an accomplished professional with the initiative to pursue excellence.
  • can be entrusted as a mentor and role model in customer service excellence.
  • are a highly desirable candidate for the perfect future job opening, or a well-deserved promotion with your current employer.
  • know that the skills of excellent customer service benefit you not only professionally, but enhance every interaction with family members, friends, and new acquaintances.
  • inspire those around you, in both your professional and private lives, to invest in pursuing their own self-improvement goals.

Ready to continue reaping all of these benefits and more?

You are eligible to renew your CCSP Certification and become Life-Certified by the National Customer Service Association if you have maintained your CCSP for a two-year period.

  • If your CCSP Certification has not lapsed by more than one year—you will not be required to complete any additional exams to secure Life-Certification. Please continue with the CCSP account login and validation below.
  • If your CCSP certification has lapsed for a period beyond one year—you will be required to recertify your CCSP by paying the registration fee and taking the CCSP exam. Please continue with CCSP exam registration.



General $295 USD
NCSA Member Discount $245 USD
Student Discount $195 USD
Non-Profit - 501(c)(3) Discount $195 USD
US Veteran / Active Military Discount $195 USD


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