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NCSA Life-Certified CCSP® Spotlight

NCSA salutes Certified Customer Service Professionals for their lifetime commitment to service excellence!
CCSP Life-Certified
Jim McCoy, Life-Certified CCSP

"For the past 35 years I have dedicated my career to leading customer service and sales teams to consistently delight customers and exceed expectations.

"There are three principles of business that I am passionate about.

"First, I believe that business leaders who embrace and invest in a culture of service excellence and not just pay lip service to the matter will build a clientele of loyal customer evangelists, and their business will flourish as a result.

"Second is that highly engaged, well-trained and empowered employees make the difference between mediocre and truly great organizations. As a leader I make developing people a priority in my daily work.

"Third, a spirit of continuous product and process improvement must be woven into the fabric of a business in order to not just sustain, but grow in the marketplace.

"Going through the NSCA CCSP® program helped to reinforce many tried and true customer service principles that I have applied during my career while also providing fresh and progressive learning that I have added to my customer service tool kit.

"I am proud to carry the Life-Certified CCSP® credential. I thank the NCSA for this opportunity and for their dedication to the customer service industry."
Past Life-Certified CCSP Spotlights
CCSP Life-Certified
Olufunmilola Aribo, Life-Certified CCSP
Lagos, Nigeria

"To further improve company/customer relations I initiated a drive to educate customers on pests such as insects and rodents.

"Through posting fun facts and educational videos on social media, customers were able to understand the best ways to prevent or avoid pests. It also helped them recognize signs of infestation. Reminders were also posted on the next due date for rounds of treatment and quarterly offerings for discounts on packages for existing customers.

"This was done in collaboration with the sales and marketing department and the result has been tremendous with respect to customer satisfaction."


CCSP Life-Certified
Xavier Diggins, Lifetime CCSP

"I’ve enjoyed working in customer service for over 2 decades. I have developed a reputation as a hard-working individual. The information I acquired for the CCSP certification has proven to be a valuable reinforcement, offering refreshing strategic guidelines for resolutions while strengthening valuable relations. It has helped me grow in leadership, comfortably managing 20–25 employees each shift in a fast-paced environment. Gaining each employee’s trust and dealing with so many different personalities was an enormous challenge, no doubt! I’m very well-liked by my staff members. They observe my actions and react like a team with one goal, which is to interact well with guests, addressing concerns and resolving issues as they arise. I understand that it is five times cheaper to retain an existing customer than to gain a new one. That’s why I’ve always tried to provide excellent customer service. Always demonstrating the ability to recognize opportunities for business growth and often suggesting ideas to help improve operations and generate additional revenue. I am honored to carry a CCSP Life-Certification as I continue to learn, grow, and share experiences through internal and external customers."


CCSP Life-Certified
Liberty Utilities
Meg Sullivan, Lifetime CCSP
Manager of Call Quality and Process Improvement, Liberty Utilities

"After obtaining my CCSP credentials, I was promoted several levels. In this new position, I oversee a team of four and we are responsible for all customer care and dispatch teams from New Brunswick to Georgia. I am about to acquire a new region, doubling the number of CSRs for whom we are responsible, and I have been tasked with ensuring the Quality Monitoring Program I created is deployed across the entire enterprise. Aligning the different regions has been challenging at times, but the skills learned and refined by the CCSP exam have been instrumental in my success. Interacting with so many personalities, work ethics, and learning styles requires a definitive knowledge of customer service. With this knowledge, it is easier to educate the teams not only on how but also why we do things and why we measure the criteria we do. Attaining the Certified Customer Service Professional credential has given me a comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings of the industry and how to communicate most effectively with the individuals and groups that help the industry succeed. These lessons provided me with the skills to successfully navigate all facets of the Customer Care department, and I have shared this expertise with my team so that they, too, can benefit."


CCSP Life-Certified
Marva Greenidge, CCSP Life-Certified

"During the past two years, I have conducted training in the airport, water and sewerage, and hotel industries, and also held individual customer service training with frontline staff. 2023 promises to be fruitful as I have been engaged to conduct training for various levels of staff in the insurance sector. Additionally, I have recently performed master of ceremonies duties at many events, including the reopening of the new Iyanola Lounge, the Authority's 39th Anniversary Ceremony, Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022 discussion on imports and exports, and more recently my church's Festival of Carols.

"I commend the National Customer Service Association for giving me the opportunity for this Lifetime Certification.



CCSP Life-Certified

Scott Hershberger, CCSP Life-Certified

"I successfully passed the CCSP exam in July of 2020, and my certification expires at the end of this month. I would like to secure lifetime certification so that I can continue to include this accolade as part of my professional profile. Customer service continues to be an important part of my career, and I use the skills I have learned on a daily basis when interacting with colleagues, customers, and clients. Thanks very much."


Mega Broadband Investments

Tara Albi, CCSP Life-Certified
“I strive to go the extra mile for all of the customers I work with, whether it's a small or large order. I make sure my customers know I am happy to help them as well as provide a smooth ordering process. Our customers know they are talking to a real person on our website chat feature because I will give them warm, helpful responses (nothing vague or robotic sounding). I let the customer know I genuinely care about their concerns by listening and coming up with a solution that works for them and my company.

"It feels amazing to be recognized as a Lifetime-Certified Customer Service Professional by the NCSA. This label has given our team an extra boost of confidence in our mission of customer satisfaction. I recommend anyone with stellar customer service skills to get certified!”

Oneyda Portillo, CCSP Life-Certified
"Since certified, I have had a ‘people-first attitude.’ I am sure to be professional, pleasant, knowledgeable and to show customers that I understand their needs. This has been amazing in enhancing our customers’ experience on the phone, cases or on chat. My ratings on chat have increased and the positive feedback I receive from customers is comforting, knowing I am giving exceptional service."

Amanda Rubin, CCSP Life-Certified
“I have used what I have learned in this program to provide a clearer and more positive customer experience in everyday customer interactions.”

Ana Crist, CCSP Life-Certified
“This certification gave me a leg up in my role of helping customers with their ordering needs, walking them through the process, helping them with their issues and assuring a smooth process.”


Selex ES Inc., a Leonardo Company

"The Customer Service Department at Selex ES Inc. a Leonardo Company has long provided world-class customer service to our customers throughout the world. With more than 3,500 systems at over 100 client sites located on all the continents and all time zones, the challenges of providing 24/7 support can be daunting. The CCSP certification process has provided valuable training and exposure to the core values of the customer service profession. The recognition of our professionalism is reinforced by the CCSP certification and supports our company's quality goal of 'TOTAL CUSTOMER SATIFACTION.' "


Denise Husbands, CCSP Life-Certified

"Leadership within our Customer Support Teams has encouraged others to take the certification after my raving reviews. A few people reached out to me and have individually decided to complete certification! I believe it is 100% worth everyone's time to pursue certification, especially when it involves customer contact."


Andrew Popowych, CCSP Life-Certified

"I am grateful in attaining the CCSP Life-Certification and pledge to continually apply those theories and frameworks in the constantly-evolving customer service industry."


Enrique Young, APP, CCSP Life-Certified

"I am honored to be a CCSP life member with the NCSA and looking forward to all the great additions NCSA will be adding to the certification program. I will also sit for the DCSP exam once it rolls out this Spring."

FEBA Security Services


Mark Pereira, CCSP Life-Certified

"I've been in customer service from the age of 15 years, and till date I'm still in customer service. To me it's the art of going above a customer's initial expectations before approaching me for service."


Zeytavia D. A. Vindara, CCSP Life-Certified

"This is a great opportunity to have a life-long certification that doesn't expire."
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