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Supervisor Professional Certificate Course

Real-World, Real-Time Skills
Supervisors, whether newly appointed or seasoned—are the up-and-coming managers, directors and executives of tomorrow. This certificate course will provide a baseline of theory that all supervisors need in order to grow. But, more importantly, they want and need practical application skills and knowledge for use in a real-world, real-time setting. Attendees will be able to differentiate between the skills needed to individually produce good work and those needed to motivate, train and coach others in the production of excellence, with focus on:

  • Personality—harnessing personality differences for successful outcomes
  • Coaching—keeping your work group moving toward its objectives
  • Motivation—creating an environment where people want to be productive
  • Teaming—creating a synergistic work environment
  • Communication—sharing the right information—the right way, the right time, the right audience
  • Employee Selection and Development—attracting and retaining the right employees
  • Contemporary Issues in Supervision—issues confronting today's supervisors