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Extra Miles and Bloopers 'n Blunders combined!

Went to my local grocery store the other day and while I was at the meat counter, I noticed there was only one person working and he was scurrying around trying to meet everyone's needs (high five to him!!). When he got to me, I asked about staffing and he commented that they had hired a butcher apprentice who was a parolee. The new hire was learning his job and doing well when the police came in an arrested him. Evidently, he decided that it was less effort to be in jail where he got three meals a day and literally had no expectations of work. To that end, he took out every credit card he could and he and his wife maxed them all out so that she would have "stuff" while he was again in prison. Then he refused to pay his bills and was arrested. So now he has his three meals/day and no work expectations while his wife has a lot of "stuff" to tide her over in his absence. And the local grocery store is out a potentially good worker.

TIP: This is both a "blooper" and an "extra mile."  Blooper is obviously the new hire who chose jail over a respectful life.  Nothing we are going to be able to do about that as an employer or fellow employee. Extra Mile includes applause for the employer in giving parolees a chance.  While this one didn't work out, many others have and so providing a second chance is always a good thing. Extra Mile to the only person working in the butcher shop—despite being left high and dry, his attitude was good and his performance excellent.  He didn't let the short-staffing frustrate him! We all make these kinds of choices every day—always choose to be the better person.

P. M. – Colorado