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Extra Mile :: Hiring the Best

Our adult daughter with Down syndrome has been working at HyVee Grocery store for six months. She had a job coach for a few weeks to learn the routine and then was on her own. The HR manager has commented how Mindie "acts like she owns the place"—comfortable with her job, her co-workers, and her environment. She has needed a boost to remind her about expectations, but she returned to her routine easily. We visited with the store manager, who said that all of his employees are equally precious to HyVee, and HyVee is grateful to have them, definitely including our daughter. He is grateful for her "can do" attitude, excellent attendance, and dedicated and positive spirit.

TIP: Take a lesson from HyVee, whose dedication to hiring people who can do the job and helping them work around any challenges should be repeated throughout the country. There would be no worker shortage!

D. C. – Illinois