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Extra Mile :: I See You! Excellent Customer Service Still Exists!

NCSA Extra MileHighlighting, Officer Joseph & Chef Britney Howard (not photographed)

Yesterday, after class, my friend Nina inadvertently left her purse in the classroom. So, we walked back to our classroom to get it, but our teacher was gone. In looking for him, we saw his truck near Chef Britney Howard's office, so we went in and told her the situation. Immediately, she stopped what she was doing to help Nina. We soon discovered Chef Britney had a key to the classroom but not to the pantry where Nina left her purse. So, Britney went to another floor to look for our teacher. While she was gone, Nina and I called the campus police to help us. Britney returned, and Officer Joseph arrived at the classroom simultaneously.

We were amazed at how fast Officer Joseph got there. It was like lightning! He was super friendly and eager to help. When we told him that Britney had a key to the classroom but not to the pantry, he immediately said, "I have that key." Let me tell you, we clapped, cheered, and thanked both Officer Joseph and Britney for helping with the great purse rescue.

I am highlighting Officer Joseph and Britney for outstanding student/customer service. It wasn't what they did but how they did it. Had it not been for the both of them, yesterday would have ended differently, as Nina's car keys were in her purse, and she would not have been able to get home.

Officer Joseph and Britney went the extra mile to help Nina. They were warm, friendly, and cared about a student’s need. As I walked alongside Nina, I was moved by their service. At that moment, I felt like I was a part of the Delta Community College Community!

Ohlone College is in my DNA and will always be my home. But, being on the other side of the table as a student at Delta, I'm glad I feel a sense of belonging at Delta Community College.

I See You, Officer Joseph and Chef Britney, and thank you for your service! Everyone likes to hear they are doing a good job.

Stay tuned for more excellent Customer Service Professionals' sightings!

Crashander "Sandy" Bennett