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Extra Mile :: I See You! Excellent Customer Service Still Exists!

NCSA Extra MileHighlighting Yasmine at Macy's West Valley Mall
hit the jackpot! I had two excellent customer service encounters today.

I See You! Excellent Customer Service Still Exists! Highlighting Yasmine @ Macy’s West Valley Mall.

I met Yasmine at the Mac counter. When I approached the counter, there was no one there. Then, I saw a young woman at a nearby counter, so I asked if anyone could help me at the Mac counter. She said with a smile, "I can help you!" She was the only person serving four counters.

This could have been one of those situations when the customer service professional could have been a little disgruntled, but that wasn’t the case. She was extremely pleasant. She found what I wanted and was more than helpful. As she rang up my merchandise, we started chatting. She shared a personal matter, and she allowed me an opportunity to encourage her. I left that counter feeling like I had just made a friend. The encounter was so touching; I am sharing it with all of you.

Brilliant service Yasmine! I See You, and thank you for your service! People need to hear when they are doing a good job! Stay tuned for more excellent customer service sightings!

Crashander "Sandy" Bennett