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Extra Mile :: #2 Wins

My kids were with their Dad for dinner. They first went to a fast-food Mexican restaurant where everyone ordered except my son who only eats at a particular "fast-food" chain. When the family received their order through the drive-thru at the first restaurant, they went next door to the second one to get the meal for my son.

My daughter who is now driving with her driver's permit enjoys going through drive-thru's, placing the order, providing payment and interacting directly with the employees. Since the experience of being in the direct contact person in the ordering sequence was very new to her, she had no preconceived notion of service to expect. Her comments regarding the difference between restaurant #1 and #2 were astounding: "Wow, what a difference between the employees/experience at restaurant #1 and #2. At #1, they were so short and rude; it was like we were a bother to them. Then, we go through #2's drive-through and they were so nice. They greeted me and were so happy that it made me feel really good driving away."

Tip: You want to be #2!!

P. Q. – Utah