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Extra Mile :: Walking the Talk

We have been going to a very large and comprehensive medical center for several years for medical care—MD Anderson in Houston, TX. Because I have to see numerous specialists when we are there, I have experienced good customer service, rarely some poor service, and occasionally absolutely superb service. One of those examples is their Cardio-Pulmonary Center. When you check in to the department, you are told that if you are waiting longer than 30 minutes, please notify them at the front desk and they will expedite seeing you immediately. About every half hour a member of the management team comes into the waiting room asking if anyone has been waiting longer than 30 minutes and, if so, they meet with that patient personally regarding why they are there and then return within minutes to move that person along into their appointment. They are very typically on time, so the 30 minutes is rarely an issue but the intent is appreciated. I have witnessed the front desk working with people who could be in the waiting room for hours because of the gap between appointments. Cardio-pulmonary staff work very hard to get them in ASAP so that their wait time is lessened. A role model for customer service!

Tip: Regardless of your customer audience, your job is to go above and beyond to assure they receive the best service from you and want to come back. Your caring and thoughtfulness should be obvious.

W. E. – Kentucky

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