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Critical Customer Service Statistics

Managing Younger Workers

NCSA Critical Customer Service Statistics

According to Brian O’Connell's article "7 Tips for Managing Younger Workers," employees born after 1996 highly value professional development opportunities at work. A recent survey by Tallo revealed what this generation is most interested in enhancing:

43% - Leadership skills, e.g., communication, management and critical thinking
33% - Technical skills, e.g., science, technology, software development,
          engineering, and design
13% - Collaboration, experimentation and continuous learning
11% - Learning new languages


Managing Younger Workers

Be sure to put this knowledge to use and explore expanding the professional development offerings in your organization. Equipped with both the national statistics above, as well as ever-critical feedback from your own employees, you can tailor these offerings to ensure you are both meeting the needs of your workforce while maximizing the growth potential of your organization as a whole.