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:: A Real "Bogey" for Service

My grandson has been learning the game of golf and so a nearby par 3 golf course was the perfect place to "practice". We enjoyed many rounds of golf there including interacting with the golf course staff. Recently, my grandson and I were out running errands and decided to go play some golf. We called the par 3 club to check on accessibility but got a lengthy message about all of their services/products (3+ minutes). At the end of the message, we expected someone to pick up so that we could check on availability of the course. When no "human" answered, we decided to drive on out (about a 20-minute drive for us) assuming that it would be a typical Saturday and that we would eventually be able to play. When we arrived and I went inside to pay, I was told by the person working that they had a tournament going on and the course was not available. I commented that it would have been helpful if someone would have picked up the phone when we called to tell us that. She responded that she never answers the phone if she is waiting on someone in person and that we should have checked the website and would have seen they had a tournament that day. I told her that we had been out and around and didn't have access to the internet to check. At that point, I walked away and ran into an old friend who was sponsoring the tournament. He asked if I was playing and I told him very quietly and briefly what had transpired, what the staff member had told us, what I had suggested. We very quickly moved on to other topics but the staff member said loudly that she didn't appreciate our talking negatively about their service. The other gentleman told her we were not talking about that, that we were old friends and just chatting. She then walked over to the two of us and told us we had to leave. She moved as if to touch us in escort out of the building. We were absolutely shocked, attempted to explain that we were long-standing customers, etc. Regardless, she wanted us out of there and walked us to the door. We stood stunned in the parking lot. Neither of us have ever been escorted out of any business in our lives and certainly did not deserve that treatment given the circumstances of the interaction. Needless to say, we will not be going back to that golf course for personal or tournament support opportunities. When we both called to talk with the Manager about the episode, he listened and did not apologize nor acknowledge any possible wrong-doing on the part of his staff member. He said he would investigate and we heard nothing further. We sense that she is a family member of the Manager and, apparently, above reproach.

Customer Service Opportunity: Even with a small business that may well have relatives within its employ, everyone must be held to the same high level of customer service especially family members of the Leadership who are role models for other employees when it comes to how that business approaches customer service.

– Author Unknown

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