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Developing a Customer Service Culture – Federal Agency Environment

"A business exists to create a customer."
- Peter Drucker


This one-day program is specifically designed to enhance overall customer service knowledge for all attendees. This curriculum will ensure participants are exposed to the necessary skills for creating and sustaining a culture of customer service—delivering excellence in service—now and into the future. The following overview of the Developing a Customer Service Culture – Federal Agency Environment course is not intended to reflect a complete listing of all materials that will be presented, discussed or included during the delivery of this program. A variety of topical exercises, articles and video may be used that are not specifically listed herein:

  • Exploring the Foundational Elements of Customer Service—critical elements of a customer service culture
  • Exposing the Myths of Customer Service—and what the realities mean to the service professional
  • Effective Communication Strategies—strategies for effectively building enduring relationships
  • Managing Customer Challenges—learn service recovery techniques that contribute to customer satisfaction
  • Beyond the Course: Extending Course "Shelf Life"—employing workshop materials on a daily basis


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