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Customer Service Surveys

"Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction . . . you must improve."
—Horst Schulz


Did you know that . . .

  • 96% of customers with complaints never make those complaints known and
  • 91% of those silent, dissatisfied customers slip away—never to return

. . . and do you know what your customers really think (and say) about your business?

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Find out with NCSA’s customer surveys:

  • Customized for your specific feedback needs
  • Your online survey managed through the NCSA website
  • Simple, straightforward—easy for the customer to complete
  • Suitable for any number of of customers
  • Effective support materials for launching your survey
  • Unique client I.D. to ensure data accuracy and confidentiality
  • Flexible results formatting
  • Great opportunity for a higher ROI


Now is an excellent time to work with NCSA’s talented professionals to survey your customers so you can better serve them, and keep them and their family and friends coming back!

For more information on NCSA’s customer survey offerings, contact us today.