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Customer First Certified Organization—CFCO™

The ultimate credential of customer-centricity

The Customer First Certified Organization—CFCO™ designation is conferred on an organization, department, or team that is responsible for providing customer service and has been thoroughly vetted and confirmed to represent the highest level of commitment to its customers on a consistent and ongoing basis. The CFCO certification requires the organization to maintain a focused, verifiable customer-centric culture and thus represents an elite status of service leadership and excellence.

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Fees and Timing

The Customer First Certified Organization—CFCO is valid for a period of two (2) years. The certification may be renewed every two years by completing a renewal form and submitting required fees.

  Application fee Renewal fee
1–25 Employees $600 USD $300 USD
26–100 Employees $1,200 USD $600 USD
101+ Employees $2,500 USD $1,200 USD
NCSA Corporate Member (any size) $550 USD $300 USD

Application Requirements

The following components must be submitted online to the NCSA when applying for Customer First Certified Organization—CFCO:

1. Application Form
Must be completed by the general point of contact for the section, department, or organization applying for CFCO.
Complete application form.

2. Executive Service Pledge
Applicant must provide a declaration of Executive Service Pledge, on applicant's company letterhead, indicating a strong and ongoing commitment to providing superior service by the highest level of leadership of the section, department, organization. View a Service Pledge example (pdf).

3. Customer Endorsement Testimonials OR Customer Survey Analytics
Applicant must provide either:

  • Three (3) client testimonials attesting to the level and consistency of applicant’s customer service; OR
  • The results of a customer survey conducted within 24 months of application date, with an average overall score of at least 3.5/5.*

4. Employee Certification
Applicant must maintain at least 80% of its employees as CCSP® or DCSP® certified by the NCSA at all times. To learn more about all NCSA certifications, please visit Certifications Overview.

*CFCO applicants are eligible for a discount on NCSA customer survey services. We will work with your organization to create a simple, user-friendly survey and track the results.

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CFCO Testimonials

Indra Air Traffic

"It is an honor and a privilege to be selected as the first CFCO™ organization to be recognized by the National Customer Service Association. The tools and insight we've gained by working with NCSA have undoubtedly made Indra Air Traffic Inc. a much better, customer-focused organization. Our entire team of Certified Customer Service Professionals (CCSP®s) are proud to provide our customers with world-class customer service, keeping their air traffic management systems safely in operation. We salute the NCSA for raising the bar for TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION."
     —Terry Thomas, Vice President Programs, Indra Air Traffic Inc.