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NCSA and CBS Sunday Morning

Transforming Customer Service: Explore the Future with NCSA and CBS

Dive into the future of customer service as NCSA collaborates with CBS Sunday Morning to unveil the impact of artificial intelligence. NCSA coordinated interviews for CBS with call center agents, shedding light on the challenges faced by both customers and agents. Explore the transformative role of AI, featuring Grace, a virtual front desk agent, in enhancing efficiency and the overall customer experience. Join the conversation and experience the CBS Sunday Morning segment that delves into the evolution of customer service.
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NCSA Web-Ed Series

NCSA Web-Ed Series

"Fundamental Communication Concepts: Enhancing Customer Service Conversations"
Hakar Torres, Founder
March 21, 2024, 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT

In today's dynamic business landscape, effective communication is key, particularly in customer service roles where every interaction counts. Join us as we delve into practical strategies aimed at enhancing your communication skills with intentionality, ultimately leading to more impactful conversations. Explore fundamental communication principles, discover actionable techniques to enrich customer interactions, and gain the confidence to navigate diverse communication scenarios. Register for this free event now to unlock the potential of your communication skills and make a lasting impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty: NCSA Web-Ed Series.

Exciting Updates to the 2024 NCSA All-Star Awards!

NCSA All-Stars

What's New?

  • Announcement during National Customer Service Week: The winners of the NCSA Service All-Star Awards will now be unveiled during National Customer Service Week, October 7–11, 2024.

  • Extended nomination period: The deadline for submitting nominations has been extended to August 1, 2024, granting more time to recognize those who consistently deliver exceptional service.

  • Introducing a new category: We're thrilled to introduce the brand-new category: Contact Center Representative of the Year, acknowledging the exemplary dedication and service of contact center customer service representatives.

Online nominations for the 2024 All-Star Awards in the following categories are now open!

New! Contact Center Representative of the Year

Service Volunteer of the Year

Service Individual of the Year

Service Team of the Year

Service Organization of the Year

Showcase the stars in service excellence by submitting your nominations before August 1, 2024. Join us in celebrating those who make a difference through their passion for service.

Become a NCSA Certified, CCSP and DCSP

NCSA CCSP InternationalElevate your standing in the discipline of customer service.

Display your genuine commitment to your customers.

Get started in investing in yourself.

Now removing boundaries—NCSA goes international

CCSP Exam Register your group for substantial discounts CCSP Exam
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We are excited to celebrate Kristina Tadevosyan for earning the prestigious Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP®) certification. This accomplishment reflects Kristina's dedication to customer service excellence as well as her commitment to her own professional development. Join us in applauding Kristina for her hard work, perseverance, and passion for delivering top-notch customer service. Well done, Kristina! We look forward to witnessing your continued success and the positive impact you bring to your organization.
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NCSA Certification for Organizations,
Departments, and Teams
Customer First Certified Organization—CFCO™

New partnership to deliver CCSP program to Africa

This NCSA certification designates organizations, departments, and teams that represent the highest level of customer-centricity as a Customer First Certified Organization—CFCO™. The CFCO designation is the ultimate validation to your customers and competitors that your organization has proven its ongoing commitment to providing consistently superior service.
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NCSA Free Job Posting

Free Job Postings for all Employers

Organizations nationwide are struggling to fill open positions. NCSA wants to do our part to help get the country employed during this time of need, so we are proud to now offer free job postings to all employers, previously an NCSA member–only benefit. This is our way of giving back to businesses and the communities they serve.

If you need employees,
post your job now!

Critical Elements of Strategic Planning: Values

Education Article
Navigating the Intricacies of Interpersonal Communication

Master the complexities of effective communication with our latest Education Article, which sheds light on the mechanics we often overlook when conveying messages. From the importance of sender considerations to the critical role of feedback, each step in the communication process is explored. Learn how to navigate different mediums, choose appropriate tones, and decode messages accurately. Whether you communicate orally, in writing, or through expressive means, this article provides valuable hints and considerations. Enhance your communication skills and make every interaction an opportunity to demonstrate excellence.
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Employee Response to Benefits

Critical Customer Service Statistics
Employee Response to Benefits

Discover the pivotal connection between employee well-being and exceptional customer service in our latest Critical Customer Service Statistics. These statistics underscore the undeniable link between nurturing a positive employee environment and delivering outstanding service. Unveil the roadmap to success by recognizing that caring for your employees directly influences their ability to care for both internal and external customers.
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