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NCSA Certification FAQs

NCSA Certifications — Frequently Asked Questions

The NCSA is pleased to receive continuous inquiries from individuals and organizations concerning our certification programs. Below are additional details regarding the most frequently asked questions.

What organization retains the NCSA certification programs?
The certification programs are certified through the National Customer Service Association, the premier national customer service organization in the U.S. The National Customer Service Association is an independent body with no specific ties to any other public or private organizations.

  • The designations CCSP and DCSP are owned and authorized for exclusive use by the National Customer Service Association as trademarks registered by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Who provides development, administration and oversight of the NCSA certification programs?
The certification programs have oversight by a multi-disciplinary committee, representing insights from corporate and university professionals in the private and public sector. All members of the Oversight Committee have vast experience in customer service instruction in its many applications as well as managerial, leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

How do you ensure the certification examinations remain relevant?
The NCSA certification programs are dynamic and are updated by the Oversight Committee to reflect contemporary needs and ensure the examination process is appropriately rigorous, validating that certification recipients are worthy of the designation pursued. When an individual earns NCSA certification, it is because they have passed a challenging exam in the discipline of service excellence.

How long have the NCSA certification programs been available?
The CCSP program has been available since 2018, and the DCSP program launched in 2020. Be assured that we applied appropriate material from the Oversight Committee's membership reflecting their many years of direct instruction to thousands of classroom attendees as well as their own frontline experience in delivering customer service. Their combined advice and experience provided fine-tuning of all topical areas to ensure relevance and utility for the customer service professional.

Can we see what organizations and individuals have participated in NCSA certification programs?
All individuals and organizations served by the National Customer Service Association are protected by a Confidentiality Agreement. From time to time NCSA customers grant permission to publicly share select information concerning their relationship with the NCSA. The NCSA regularly reaches out to successful certification recipients for permission to share their personal or organizational information in recognition of their achievement. For example, the NCSA homepage features individuals who have earned an NCSA certification and have voluntarily shared their information with the Customer Service community. Please check the NCSA website at periodically for updates.

How can I use the NCSA certification in my professional work?
There are several opportunities to highlight your commitment to Customer Service through NCSA certification:

  • Ensure you include “CCSP” or "DCSP" after your name on your business cards, business letters and email signatures.
  • Display your digital badge on social media profiles, career sites, employer databases, online resumes and email signatures to enhance your online identity.
  • Provide permission to the NCSA to include your information as a new NCSA-certified professional on the NCSA website.
  • Wear your lapel pin at work. If someone asks you about the pin, you can share information on the program and your certification.
  • Frame and display your NCSA Certificate to be seen by your customers and co-workers as this is a visual display of your commitment to excellence in service.
  • Consider sending a press release to your local paper. If your organization has an internal newsletter, send to them as well. Feel free to use language from the "CCSP Overview" or "DCSP Overview" page on the NCSA website.

Are individuals and organizations outside the United States able to participate in the NCSA certification programs?
Yes, because the discipline of Customer Service—service excellence in every customer interaction—is universal, the certification designations are recognized by the NCSA both domestically and internationally. Customer Service Professionals from all over the world have successfully become certified by the NCSA. All fees are remitted in US$. The Oversight Committee is evaluating opportunities to translate the certification exam into other languages as deemed appropriate.

Is there a course to attend for certification, either online or in-person?
The certification process is an online exam which applicants may take at any time within 30 days of registering. The required study guide for the CCSP exam is Managing Service Excellence, and for the DCSP exam, is Maximizing Customer Loyalty, both by C. William Crutcher and available in paperback and eBook. Applicants may purchase the books through all major online retailers and study for the certification exam at their own pace. Other than having worked in the customer service field for at least two years for CCSP eligibility, no other commitments of time either online or in-person are required to sit for the exam.

Once I register, do I need to take the examination immediately?
Once registered for the certification exam, you may either take it immediately or anytime within 30 days of registration. If you decide not to take it immediately, you will need to click on the link "Take the Exam" and then log in using the email and password you created when you originally registered.

If I fail the certification exam, can I retake it?
Yes, you may retake the same certification exam as many times as needed. However, candidates who have read and studied the study guide for their exam (Managing Service Excellence for CCSP; Maximizing Customer Loyalty for DCSP) should not have great difficulty in passing the exam. There is a $95 fee for each retake attempt. Please visit Retake Policy for more information.

Can I register a group to take the certification examination?
Yes and there are substantial discounts for doing so. This information is available on the "CCSP Overview" or "DCSP Overview" page.

Once the examination is passed, how long does the certification remain valid?
Your initial certification remains valid for a period of two years. After that, a CCSP may apply for CCSP Life-Certification, and a DCSP may apply for DCSP Life-Certification, by completing an application and paying a nominal fee.

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