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HR Analytics

Collecting data to drive business plans and process improvements is a critical component of every successful organization. Data sources must be well thought-out regarding content, timing, scope, depth, breadth, intended use, audience, roll-out method and ultimate expectations of the use of the data. Analytics can include (by category): number of employees; number of FTEs; turnover by department, organization, position, tenure; length of time to fill a position; cost to fill a position; average rate of pay fully loaded, etc. Use the experience of our professionals in the HR Services Division of NCSA to guide what data you should be gathering, when and how, its analysis and ultimate impact.


Successful organizations maximize their employee talent pool with competitive compensation strategies that have to fit within the financial resources of the company. At least annually, organizations must assess how they will allocate their largest outlay of funds—salaries and benefits for their employees. This analysis, implementation and oversight must include local, regional, national and industry reviews of recent compensation trends that drive the appropriate average merit increase, merit range, pay ranges, structure adjustment and any variable pay measures. The HR Services Division of NCSA is proud of the extensive experience of its professional staff in the formulation and implementation of comprehensive compensation plans and can lend this skill to your organization today.


Many employees are ultimately attracted to and stay with an organization based on the fullness of its benefit package. Determining benefits by audience and level of coverage is a critical business decision for all organizations—large and small. The use of brokers, analyzing when benefits begin and end, and deciding accrual and pay-out processes can all be very complex and expensive if not done with the end in mind, in consideration of the compmany's financial resources based on competition in the area and industry. Use the expertise of the HR Services Division of NCSA to help analyze and guide your benefit offerings and processes.

Employee Health

Unless you take care of your most valuable asset—your employees—you can't expect them to take care of you—aligning with corporate goals, strategic plans, and day-to-day duties, all of which are critical to a successful organization. Employee Health serves many functions for an organization, including assessing the appropriate physical and mental fit for new hires and current staff; oversight of compliance requirements and associated policies as they relate to employee health; and, perhaps most importantly, wellness initiatives for employees. The HR Services Division of NCSA has deep experience in employee health, which can guide and support your organization to improve employee attendance and productivity, drive down benefit expenses, and enhance employee loyalty—enabling your workforce to provide peak performance.

Employee Recruiting

The diversity of your organization is reflected in its employee makeup, and that begins with your recruiting strategy. You need a plan to explore and represent the diversity of your service area and then outreach into those populations to prepare them for jobs within your company. The recruiting process also includes external and internal education support, job description development and refining, formal recruiting and onboarding. Use the skills of the HR Services Division of the NCSA in developing and implementing your strategic recruiting process to drive your organization well ahead of its competition.

Employee Relations

Assuring that all of your employees are treated fairly and consistently is every leader's responsibility. Employee relations is more than preparing for and conducting difficult discussions with employees regarding discipline and expectations. It starts with appropriate policies that meet all of the laws and regulations governing your business, educating leadership and staff on those expectations and supporting all employees in adhering to the policies consistently. Use the extensive expertise of the HR Services Division of the NCSA to guide policy development and implementation, as well as coaching strategies on behalf of all of your employees. Let us help you stay "legal" and your employees motivated by fair and consistent treatment while we greatly lessen the likelihood of your business being sued for discrimination.

Performance Measurement

In order to provide consistent feedback to all employees so that your organization can continue to flourish, you must have a state-of-the-art employee evaluation process and associated development tools. The evaluation process begins with accurate job descriptions that are shared with employees for collective use, and that lead to goal setting with line-of-sight to the strategic plan. The HR Services Division of the NCSA can guide your evaluation and associated development processes to assure heightened success for your organization.

Policy Development

From "filling the holes" to reviewing your current policy manual for accuracy to developing a complete human resources policy manual, the HR Services Division of NCSA is your partner. HR policies are the key to guiding employees consistently and fairly, which leads to enhanced loyalty and, therefore, quality and productivity. Another reverse outcome is reduced legal charges based on the perception of discrimination. Consistent, fair and accurate policies that are appropriately written, implemented and monitored are not only the right thing to do legally, but are critical for the financial success of your organization.

Workers' Compensation

If your employees are injured on the job, you have a moral and legal obligation to support and guide them to wellness and back to work. Your injured employees need to know that they are being fairly and appropriately treated and guided as far as their workers' compensation claim and must retain a sense of being a member of the team, even from home. Getting them back to work in some fashion keeps that relationship intact and reduces your expenses. Beyond that, workers' compensation must assure that the safety of employees is consistently assessed and addressed on everyone's behalf. Choosing the right third-party administrator or legal support and overseeing from an internal perspective all workers' compensation claims, administration, and the return-to-work criteria and process takes the experience of the HR Services Division of the NCSA.

Contact NCSA HR Services Division for their expertise in all aspects of human resource services.