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NCSA and CBS Sunday Morning

Transforming Customer Service: Explore the Future with NCSA and CBS


Welcome to the future of customer service! In a recent segment on CBS Sunday Morning, the NCSA played a pivotal role in showcasing how artificial intelligence is reshaping the landscape of customer call centers.

When CBS sought call center agents to feature in their piece, they turned to NCSA for coordination and story development. We reached out to our members and event participants, working diligently behind the scenes to bring together a compelling narrative on the frustrations, joys, and future of customer service.

The video delves into the challenges faced by both customers and customer service agents in traditional call centers, with anecdotes of lengthy wait times, labor shortages, and frustrated customers. Despite the difficulties, many agents find joy in helping customers and view their work as mentally stimulating.

The turning point in the story introduces Grace, a virtual front desk agent deployed by over 100 organizations, including hospital chains, airlines, phone companies, and banks, to handle customer calls. The AI replicates human-like interactions, providing a more seamless and less frustrating experience for customers.

Grace not only handles routine tasks efficiently but also acts as a "blast shield," allowing human agents to step in when creativity or a personal touch is needed. The video explores how AI like Grace can improve efficiency, reduce wait times, and enhance the overall customer experience.

While AI offers efficiency and immediate responses, some argue that it lacks the personal touch and connection that human agents provide. The debate unfolds as companies continue to explore and develop AI-driven customer support systems.

As technology evolves, AI is poised to play an increasingly significant role in customer service. The video concludes with insights from both sides of the debate, leaving viewers to ponder the balance between efficiency and the human touch in the ever-changing landscape of customer call centers.

Experience the full CBS Sunday Morning segment and join the conversation on the future of customer service with NCSA and the transformative impact of artificial intelligence.

CSB Sunday Morning

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