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NCSA CCSP® Spotlight

NCSA highlights Certified Customer Service Professionals

Kristina Tadevosyan, CCSP®
Yerevan, Armenia

"I am so happy to be part of the group of Certified Customer Service Professionals.

"The CCSP program gave me new and necessary knowledge in the field of customer service, as well as an opportunity to evaluate my own steps toward effective customer service."
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Past CCSP Spotlights
CCSP Certification Highlight GreavuVladimir Greavu, CCSP®
Berlin, Germany

"I enjoyed the entire study and certification period. I found the learning materials accessible, and though I´ve been in the customer service business for several years and you often get the impression that ‘you know it all,’ it is always good and refreshing to step back and review the foundations. On top of that, getting recognition as a certified professional really makes it worthwhile."
CCSP Certification Highlight DallooHuiming Wang, CCSP
Beijing, China

"I am very happy to get my CCSP certificate. I have been engaged in customer service–related work in multinational companies, state-owned and private enterprises for more than 20 years, involving product and solution sales, pre-sales and after-sales service, implementation and consulting services. Customer service has always been my profession and will be my career in the future. CCSP certification provides knowledge and best practices in customer service, which benefits me a lot. There is no end to customer service. The excellent practices I formed during this period will not only benefit customers, but also anyone around me. I want to work steadily for CCSP's mission and vision."
CCSP Certification Highlight DallooJonathan Dalloo, CCSP, DCSP
"I am delighted to be a more experienced customer service professional as both a Certified Customer Service Professional and Direct Contact Service Professional through the National Customer Service Association.

"As an intake specialist and call center representative, I wanted to partake in professional development courses and expand my skills in customer service by applying for these certification programs.

"The study guides, Managing Service Excellence and Maximizing Customer Loyalty, exposed me to the ins and outs of how to deal with clients, managing the outreach process, performing ethically and loyally in customer service and most importantly helping me with the exams.

"During the exams, one section that stood out to me and was most impactful was the scenario-based questions. These questions demonstrated to me real-world applications, solving issues when they arise, and communicating effectively to each client regarding enrollment into our back-to-work programs.

"Furthermore, obtaining both certifications has led me to achieve the highest level of customer service through interactions virtually and in person for the intake process in my current role. The skills that I have acquired are all thanks to the National Customer Service Association offering these top-notch certifications and being a member of a global network of fellow customer service professionals. "
CCSP Certification Highlight GreenEunice Green, CCSP
"I worked so hard for this certification and it means so much to me. The knowledge from the study guide was interesting and adds to your everyday life. I prayed and it all just came out in the exam. It was all in me. OMG! I am so excited to update my résumé and tell my boss I finished my objectives."
CCSP Certification Highlight VedderEmma Vedder, CCSP
"I enjoyed the entire process. I can’t tell you how appreciated it is having a customer service–specific certification available. Thanks NCSA!"
CCSP Certification Highlight LaFlecheDavid LaFleche, CCSP
"Though I've been a customer service supervisor for over 40 years, reading and studying Managing Service Excellence was a valuable investment personally and professionally. Earning my CCSP designation is a great bonus. I highly recommend both!"
Mega Broadband InvestmentsChanel Diaz, CCSP
Commercial Coordinator

"I am very thankful for the opportunity to be encouraged by my current employer to complete this certification. I am looking to further my career within my current position, and this opened my eyes to the correct way situations should be handled. Without customers, you have no business, and you must always have the best customer services reps in place to keep the customers. The book Managing Service Excellence gives so much knowledge on many different situations, and how to handle each one. This is just a stepping stone, in furthering my career. Very excited to complete this certification."
Goodwill North Central TexasDaisy Sanchez, CCSP
Sponsored by Goodwill of North Central Texas

"I chose to get this certificate because I simply didn’t know much about customer service. The CCSP certification process offered me the tools I needed. I learned new approaches to handling difficult customers and how to identify the dos and don'ts of customer service. The test was easy after reviewing the study guide. Had I not studied the book, I would’ve surely failed, and I am pleased to have acquired this certificate in the end. This will help me to understand the actions I take as I begin to take the steps necessary to have my own business."
CCSP Certification Member WheelerFlorida Food Products

"Florida Food Products is advancing and growing to ensure our customers feel they are getting the best in customer service. Our reps are increasing their knowledge and strength by getting certified through NCSA—all representatives will be Certified Customer Service Professionals to show our commitment to our ever-growing customer base."
CCSP Certification Member WheelerMarva Greenidge, CCSP
"I am pleased to have earned my CCSP certification with the NCSA.

"Currently residing in my home island of Saint Lucia, I graduated from the Algonquin College in Ottawa with honors and received the Iberia Airlines Award for Airline Systems and Automation. I worked in the travel industry for over 10 years, and have worked in sales and marketing for most of my life. I was awarded Top Performer in a marketing management course facilitated by the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Investment. In 2008 I joined the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority, where I now serve as the Marketing and Customer Experience Executive. I have been awarded Marketing Employee of the Year twice and the Customer Service Award.

"I first acquired a customer service certification in 2015 through a UK entity, and when I decided to pursue a new certification, my search revealed NCSA. I have received exceptional customer service from Mr. Wes Tindal, COO, which speaks volumes for their brand. I am proud to represent the organization as a CCSP."

CCSP Certification Member WheelerMelody Wheeler, CCSP
Customer Service Representative, UIC Customer Service

University Bursar
University of Illinois System

"The University of Illinois Bursar’s dept. leadership team invest richly in their employees with different learning tools and professional development workshops and are coaching their customer service team members towards moving to the next level in giving great service. To continue the growth process, our customer service team was asked to read Managing Service Excellence which proved to be a great book and learning tool to use during interactions with customers and staff members.

"Reading Managing Service Excellence has given me a totally different perspective concerning customer service. Now that I am a Customer Service Professional, I can better present my best self and give better service. I look forward to future interactions with customers and staff members to put into practice some of what I learned. Thank you for your customer service tips! I am now a Customer Service Professional!! Thanks so much!"
CCSP Certification Member HershbergerAnthony R. Bruno, CCSP
Regional Director of Client Services

Interim HealthCare | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"The CCSP designation takes the guidance of our Client Services Team to a different level, as we continue to Manage Service Excellence! We highly endorse and recommend this certification."
CCSP Certification Selex ES Inc.Selex ES Inc., a Leonardo Company
"The Customer Service Department at Selex ES Inc. a Leonardo Company has long provided world-class customer service to our customers throughout the world. With more than 3,500 systems at over 100 client sites located on all the continents and all time zones, the challenges of providing 24/7 support can be daunting. The CCSP certification process has provided valuable training and exposure to the core values of the customer service profession. The recognition of our professionalism is reinforced by the CCSP certification and supports our company's quality goal of 'TOTAL CUSTOMER SATIFACTION.' "
CCSP Certification Member HershbergerScott Hershberger, CCSP
"Working in the tourism industry, customer service reflects not only on individuals and their respective organizations but their destinations as well. So, it's of the utmost importance to really create a "Wow factor" for visitors so they make plans for a return trip and tell their friends and family about the hospitality they received. Studying for the CCSP exam reminded me of why it's so crucial to properly care for customers, but there's also great information about teamwork, ethics and planning processes. The entire experience was enjoyable, and I recommend the pursuit of this certification to others looking for continuous learning opportunities."

CCSP Certification Member PopowychAndrew Popowych, CCSP
Head of Catering Food & Beverage Operations

The University of New South Wales - Kensington Campus | Sydney, Australia

"I gained a lot of value by undertaking the CCSP certification. Having worked in the Hospitality industry over the past two decades, I have always prided myself on delivering superior customer service. The content in the course helped reinforce the customer service standards that I aspire to lead by as well as provided me with access to new frameworks and theory that I was not familiar with. Overall, the course has given me greater clarity around what makes for an exceptional customer experience, all the elements that contribute to that experience and how I can consistently deliver that experience every day! A big thank you to the National Customer Service Association."

CCSP Certification Member U of I System

"The University of Illinois Bursar’s leadership team invests richly in their employees with different learning tools and professional development workshops and coaches their team members towards moving to the next level in giving great service. To continue the growth process, their customer service team was asked to read Managing Service Excellence which proved to be a great book and learning tool to use during interactions with customers and staff members."
CCSP Certification Member HusbandsDenise Husbands, CCSP
"Having worked for 30+ years in the field of Customer Care and Support, and graduating last year from our company's new and improved Next Leaders Program, I decided to continue investing in myself. My passion has always been about creating satisfied customers so, I knew it was time to take it to the next level by completing my CCSP Certification! It was one of my 2020 goals and part of my IDP! Happy to say I did it!! The journey continues!"

Tier 2 Team in Customer Care
The Graduation Source | Greenwich, Connecticut

CCSP Certification Members, The Graducation Source
The Graduation Source

"We congratulate our Tier 2 Team in Customer Care: Ney, Tara, Amanda and Ana. In keeping with our Core Value: We our customers. They are now officially “Certified Customer Service Professionals” through NCSA."

CCSP Certification Member PeddycordKaren M. Kozak, CCSP
Customer Solutions Assistant Manager

FUCHS Lubricants Co. | Harvey, Illinois

"I am always looking for new ways to provide exceptional service. NCSA membership allows for this with opportunities to network and share ideas with other Customer Service Professionals. This aligns with my passion to learn from others ways to improve. I decided to become CCSP certified to show my commitment to customer service."

CCSP Certification Member PeddycordAnne Marie G. Albright, CCSP
Credentialing Services Specialist

National Board for Respiratory Care | Overland Park, Kansas

"The National Board for Respiratory Care’s mission is to promote excellence in respiratory care by awarding credentials based on high competency standards.The NBRC and our practitioners share the goal of protecting and enhancing patient lives.NBRC is proud to say that excellence defines us—just as it does for credentialed practitioners, educators, and other organizations and providers throughout the growing field of respiratory care. As a Credentialing Service Specialist, I provide support to our credentialed practitioners and the state agencies that regulate the practice of respiratory care.Being certified by the NCSA provides me with an elevated understanding of customer service as I strive to provide excellent assistance to the respiratory care professionals we serve."

CCSP Certification Member PeddycordElizabeth Peddycord, CCSP
"Being in the food service industry it is very important to deliver exceptional service always. Being certified as a professional shows my clients I care about their business and their needs now and well into the future. Certification is a value added to maintaining great service."

CCSP Certification Member YoungEnrique Young, CCSP
FEBA Security | Maryland

"FEBA, Inc. approach to providing security services incorporates several solutions as part of an overall security profile that mobilizes both armed and unarmed contracted uniformed Security Officers for federal government agencies and commercial clients. Our corporate goal is to change the culture of the security industry by focusing on customer service training throughout our company. Excellent customer service is paramount to our corporate success and we are proud to be members of the National Customer Service Association."