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Making the Customer #1

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all."
—Michael LeBoeuf


This interactive workshop goes beyond the basics of customer serviceequipping participants to build and nurture lasting customer relationships. Participants gain a strong understanding of tools and techniques to serve and grow their customer base more effectively. This workshop also comprises NCSA's Customer Service Boot Camp.

This workshop prepares participants to gain customers for life:

  • Identify what constitutes excellence in customer service and identify the current state of their perspective and service cultureboth individually and organizationally.
  • Learn that communication is far more than just talking and listening, and how to harness these skills to strengthen overall customer satisfaction.
  • Understand the critical elements required to effectively build long-term, positive relationships that lead to customer loyalty.
  • Effectively manage "service breakdowns" using excellent service recovery techniques that preserve and strengthen customer satisfaction.
  • Explore application of classroom materials in the actual day-to-day work environment.

Target audience

  • Managers, supervisors, key service personnel
  • Anyone looking to gain knowledge beyond the We Serve! Customer Commetment workshop
  • Applicable for employees with an external or internal customer focus

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Organizations with a strong customer orientation wanting to increase overall customer satisfaction

All participants who complete this course receive:

  • Certificate of Completion


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