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:: Dishes, Dishes, Dishes!

Our 7-year-old dishwasher is finally biting the dust. Dishes sporadically get cleaned, are never dry at the end of the cycle and cycles can take from one hour to three! We went to our local "big box store" where we have purchased our large appliances for years. We chose the same brand we have used throughout our marriage and closed the deal getting a delivery date in ten days which sounded wonderful. Well, it was too good to be true. We got a call about a week before the anticipated delivery from the dishwasher manufacturer that our delivery date was now seven weeks out! No further explanation. We called the big box store where we bought it and they were of no assistance at all—had no suggestions on what we could do to get an earlier delivery. So we checked around in town with other dishwasher vendors and found one that had the one we wanted in stock. We cancelled the other order and have received and had installed our new dishwasher.

Customer Service Opportunity: You will lose customers if you cannot find ways to assist them with resolving their issues. It may seem like a small, unworthy concern to you but if it is a big deal to them, it should be a big deal to you.