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Employee Response to Benefits

Employee response to benefits

According to an article by Lisa Rabasca Roepe entitled “The Employee Experience,” employees are responsive to work-life improvements and benefits, and it shows in their productivity and attitude as follows:


Impract productivity 70% of employees agree that their feelings about day-to-day work experience—negative or positive—impact their productivity (Eagle Hill Consulting)
Affect work 69% of employees confirm those feelings affected their ability to do meaningful work (Eagle Hill Consulting)
Affect work 64% of employees said that their employee experience impacts their ability to serve customers well

It is well proven that if you don’t take good care of your employee group, your employees cannot take good care of their customers (internal or external). Regardless of your specific job, you play a critical role in whether you and your colleagues have a great work experience every day and whether that is passed along to your customers. If you are in management, your role grows to assure that your organization has defined values that relate directly to the company’s vision, mission, and goals and that your culture lives those values every day with every interaction. The roadmap to success.