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:: Dryer Dilemma

After nearly 52 years of marriage, we purchased our second set of matching (yes, matching) washer and dryer. Over the years of marriage and raising children and grandchildren, we had always had to think about money and so only replaced the appliance that really needed it. Thus mismatched but functional washers and dryers over time. Finally, we decided to donate our current washer and dryer and buy a bona fide set! So excited! Got it delivered and set up only to discover over the next few weeks that the dryer had a variety of challenging characteristics! It never got "hot" even though the "temp" setting said "high" so an average load would take 3 or so hours to dry! It would shut off after a couple of minutes saying "drying complete" when I had just started the load. I could go on and on. We had paid a decent price for the brand name washer/dryer set so this performance was disappointing and frustrating. Finally, we made a list of everything that was wrong with the dryer and called the "brand name" customer service repair line. My husband was greeted with "your call is very important to us; your anticipated wait time to reach a customer service agent is 47 minutes"!!!

Customer Service Opportunity: Your "customer service" line should never have a double-digit wait time to have a call answered! We are calling for service which starts with answering the phone in a timely fashion.

W.O. – California


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