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We are out of state for the winter, so I needed to get my standing prescription refilled at my local major pharmacy back home. After trying the phone refill option, which, after 10 minutes, I realized wasn't going to work, I went into the pharmacy with my script bottle in hand. I patiently waited in the 6-feet-apart line (which I fully support) for my turn at "drop off." While there, I overheard an elderly gentleman at the window asking why he had gotten a text that his prescription was ready for pickup if it wasn't. The tech said, "Well, I've been working here for 15 years and sometimes our drugs don't come in on time. You'll have to check back tomorrow and see if it came on the truck. I have other people to serve, so please move aside." She never answered his question about why he got the text, other than to say with a wave of her hand that the text messaging system was separate from them. I'm thinking to myself, But someone from the pharmacy had to put something into the system that signified that the script was ready for pickup, and if the local pharmacy can't help with that, who can? The gentleman finally gave up and walked away, obviously disgusted. I hope he didn't desperately need that medication.

Customer Service Opportunity: Regardless of how long you have worked at a job and how many times you have been through the same frustrations about which you can do nothing, your customer has not. They are not to blame for the meds that didn’t come in or the errant text message in this case. Your job is to smile and assist every customer with clear information and, in this case, the promise of a call when the script is ready for pickup. The extra mile with every customer is your job.