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Extra Mile :: Exemplary Setup for Exemplary Customer Service

We were searching for a new podiatrist and called various clinics to see which one felt most responsive to our needs. When we called Dr. Melissa Lockwood's office (Bloomington, IL), a human answered the phone! (First shocker!) They were very friendly, efficient and helpful, and we knew this was the place we wanted to try. We were able to get an appointment within a few days and when we got to the clinic, the friendliest people greeted us, as if they had known us forever. (Second shocker!) They were great with our adult daughter with Down syndrome, directing questions to her instead of to us, as usually happens. (Third shocker!) We had an 11:00 appointment and were ushered in to see the doctor at 11:00! (Fourth shocker!) Dr. Lockwood was personable, a good listener about health history and what we were seeking; explaining as she went what she was doing and why (to our daughter—not to us). She concluded the visit with some conservative next steps (instead of recommending expensive treatments, which she was quick to point out may not appropriate in this situation). (Fifth shocker!) We went to check out and were expecting at least a co-pay, but there was none! (Sixth shocker!)

Tip: This business is growing because of their quality of service and caring. They want your business and show you that with every interaction. If you want to grow your business, use Dr. Lockwood's office as an example.

M. C. – Illinois