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Extra Mile :: Giving Business Away to Retain a Customer

My husband had gone to an Orthopedist and was given a prescription which was called into our local (back-up) pharmacy. He typically gets his medications from the VA so we only use a local pharmacy for one-time prescriptions. I went in to pick it up for him and was told it would be $110.00! I asked about the GOOD RX option but that only dropped it to $102. At that point, the Pharmacy Technician showed me the other pharmacy options for getting the prescription at significantly lower prices through GOOD RX. I was shocked and asked her advice on what I needed to do to get the prescription at the greatly reduced charge from another pharmacy. She wrote down a lot of information and told me to go to the one in particular, have them call her and she would transfer the prescription to them to fill. I went to the recommended pharmacy and they worked with the sending pharmacy to transfer the prescription. An hour later, I picked up my husband's prescription and paid $11.60!

Tip: We will continue to use our original back-up Pharmacy because they will obviously always assure that we get the most economic price for our prescriptions. That is what smart businesses do to retain customers. Give away a little to earn a lot.

B. W. – Illinois


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