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NCSA DCSP® Spotlight

NCSA highlights Direct Contact Service Professionals

CCSP Certification Highlight
Jonathan Dalloo, CCSP®, DCSP®
"I am delighted to be a more experienced customer service professional as both a Certified Customer Service Professional and Direct Contact Service Professional through the National Customer Service Association.

"As an intake specialist and call center representative, I wanted to partake in professional development courses and expand my skills in customer service by applying for these certification programs.

"The study guides, Managing Service Excellence and Maximizing Customer Loyalty, exposed me to the ins and outs of how to deal with clients, managing the outreach process, performing ethically and loyally in customer service and most importantly helping me with the exams.

"During the exams, one section that stood out to me and was most impactful was the scenario-based questions. These questions demonstrated to me real-world applications, solving issues when they arise, and communicating effectively to each client regarding enrollment into our back-to-work programs.

"Furthermore, obtaining both certifications has led me to achieve the highest level of customer service through interactions virtually and in person for the intake process in my current role. The skills that I have acquired are all thanks to the National Customer Service Association offering these top-notch certifications and being a member of a global network of fellow customer service professionals. "
Past DCSP Spotlights
DCSP Highlight BercotMatt Bercot, DCSP
"I decided to pursue this certification as one of my professional goals for the year. Even though I have worked in customer service in some fashion over the past 15 years, I was still able to learn new things (and realized that some things I had been doing were wrong). This was a great experience and one I will encourage my team members to pursue for their benefit and for my organizations."
DCSP Highlight MercadoCarmen Mercado, DCSP
"Being part of a select group of Customer Service Professionals who have successfully achieved the Direct Contact Service Professional designation is a significant milestone in my personal and professional life. It will continue to help me improve and will give me more responsibilities for the betterment of my work. The certification can also help me grow professionally and continue to deliver better service. I have invested extra time and effort to drive personal growth and development, and I have demonstrated my understanding and knowledge to the foremost experts in the field. This achievement will continue to help me provide professional service and communicate effectively, better manage calls and customers, and provide service that goes above and beyond.

“Most importantly, I want to take this opportunity to extend my thankfulness to my manager, Annmarie O'Brien, for inspiring me to obtain this certification as well as CareerSource Central Florida for supporting me through this journey."
Shannon Dunn-Boyer, DCSP
"Thank you to NCSA COO Wes Tindal for presenting how beneficial the DCSP certification is to employers! The knowledge, examples and experiences he shared nestled things together, and the way he encouraged everyone to participate and absorb the lesson made our time with him memorable. I understand the importance of lifting each other up, and that is a trait he demonstrated to the class. He really got us thinking, reconsidering and realizing that things aren’t always how they seem…

“Earning the DCSP certification adds a sense of pride to my portfolio and I'm proud of that! It was good to learn from Wes and good to implement what he taught!

"Great Customer Service Matters (this will always be true)!"
Circles SodexoJessica Berkman, DCSP
"I chose to get this certificate because I simply didn’t know much about customer service. The CCSP certification process offered me the tools I needed. I learned new approaches to handling difficult customers and how to identify the dos and don'ts of customer service. The test was easy after reviewing the study guide. Had I not studied the book, I would’ve surely failed, and I am pleased to have acquired this certificate in the end. This will help me to understand the actions I take as I begin to take the steps necessary to have my own business."